Today’s Snow Day List

8 Feb


1. work from home (it is a given)2. research, prioritize, and plan some decisions (necessary)3. wash, dry, fold, & put away laundry (I have to list each step so it actually happens…)4. blog (to procrastinate and make me feel productive)5. read (curl up and take advantage of the down time)6. shovel (so I can get out tomorrow)7. bake flour-less brownies* (because it is a snow day!!)8. watch Downton Abbey (though it is kinda slow right now)
…and if we have another snow day tomorrow… the list will include work some more, clean a bathroom, paint some trim, make some b-day treats, and start on valentines for the kids’ classmates.
So far today, I’ve completed 1, 2, and 4. Now, I am going to shut down the screen gadgets, make some coffee, and enjoy the peace and quiet and white scenery while I get going on the rest.
This post has nothing to do with paleo food, but oh well.
(Uh, yeah, I don’t think there is going to be peace and quiet unless I send my kids to their rooms or put on a movie… they have played with each other for more than 5 hours straight and I think they are about done… wish me luck :))
*Update: too sweet for me. I don’t think I can eat anything else the rest of the day. And that is saying a lot!


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